Dr. Sandra SteeleSandra Steele, M.S.N., F.N.P. After twenty years as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Richmond’s historic Fan district and as a former executive fitness trainer, Sandra Steele has a winning formula for family health.

Sandra earned her Bachelor’s degree at University of Maryland, ranked in the top ten, a Master’s degree from University of Virginia, and post-Masters Family Nurse Practitioner at Medical College of Virginia. Sandra began her career as a Trauma/Surgical Nurse at University of Virginia for ten years. She was awarded a scholarship to study Doctoral work at Johns Hopkins, but has decided not to pursue this.

Sandra created her own corporate fitness and nutrition company, “Shaping Up with Steele”, after winning several body building titles on the East Coast. The comprehensive wellness concept inspired Sandra to go into family medicine where she advocates a balanced lifestyle for optimal health. Sandra appeared in a health video with several professional athletes and frequently lectures on Tobacco Cessation, Weight Management, and Cholesterol. She received recognition by the American Academy of Family Physicians for her contributions to a research project to help patients quit tobacco.

Sandra has two sons in college who enjoy going with her to snow ski in the Blue Ridge and the Rocky Mountains. They also enjoy hiking and kayaking together.