Galleri Multi-Cancer Screening

“Detecting cancer activity earlier provides us with a significant advantage in halting its progression. At EHG, it is our passion and dedication to help our patients with best technologies and treatments.”


Worried about cancer? Take advantage of the innovative Galleri Cancer Testing available at Executive Health Group.

Galleri Cancer Testing is a groundbreaking non-invasive blood test designed to detect over 50 types of cancer, including those that are often difficult to diagnose in their early stages, through state-of-the-art genomic sequencing. By scrutinizing subtle changes in your blood, this advanced technology offers unparalleled insights into your cancer risk, empowering you with early detection and personalized preventive strategies.

Why Galleri Cancer Testing?

When considering Galleri Cancer Testing, there are numerous compelling reasons to be excited about. Firstly, it facilitates early detection, enabling the identification of cancer in its earliest stages when treatment outcomes are most favorable. Additionally, Galleri provides a comprehensive assessment by thoroughly evaluating your blood composition, offering a detailed overview of your cancer risk. Moreover, it offers peace of mind, particularly for individuals with a family history of cancer or other risk factors, by ruling out potential health concerns.

Why Choose Executive Health Group?

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“The Galleri multi-cancer test empowers us to screen for over 50 different types of cancer. When paired with our other screening methods, our patients gain a significant advantage in detecting cancer during its early stages.”

Dr. Jonathan Schaaf