Living to 100

“Current research suggests that living to be a healthy 100 years old is biologically possible for most people given the right preventative and longevity strategies. As a young physician with knowledge of the most advanced technologies available, the cutting edge protocol that I have helped design at EHG is what I personally use to give myself the greatest likelihood of achieving this goal compared to what is currently available in the traditional medical system. I no longer worry about diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease or dementia prematurely robbing me of quality years of life.”

Dr. Jonathan Schaaf

Since the dawn of time, humans have died of infection and starvation.  When we consider time on the geologic clock, and back up one second to 1870, the average man in this country lives till 43 and the average woman till 47.  With the development of immunizations, the discovery of antibiotics, modern farming, modern sanitation, modern dentistry and modern medicine, we no longer die of infection and starvation, but now vascular disease and cancer have become our greatest threats.

In only a short 150 years, we have almost doubled our lifespan.  The average human now lives till 74.  What history and medicine has shown us is that the human body is designed to live to about 40 years old.   There are few, if any, biological organisms on the planet that outlive their reproductive life as humans now do.

Understanding vascular disease, which is the cause of heart attacks, strokes and dementia, is essential if you are to minimize them and live a long and healthy life.  Finding cancer early, managing vascular disease risk, eating right and maintaining optimal weight are all essential to achieve optimal health span. Health asset management is real.

This awareness makes preventative health never as important as it is right now. It is the reason that the Executive Health Group exists.