Dr. Baggesen is the Medical Director for the Executive Health Group. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, he attended the Medical College of Virginia. He completed his residency at Chesterfield Family Practice, a VCU/MCV/Chippenham affiliated program and served as chief resident. He is certified in the Bale/Doneen Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention method and has studied Functional Medicine. He is board certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians and is an Associate Professor of Medicine at VCU/MCV.

Dr. Baggesen is passionate about how patient care can be enhanced through technology and has been first to bring these benefits to his executive practice here in Virginia. He is passionate about transformative healthcare and believes preventative strategies are underused in the traditional delivery model of medicine. As an early adopter, he is driven to identify new technology, labs and ideas that can help patients understand and manage their health as an asset. Dr. Baggesen attended medical school as a second career after first working on Wall Street in investment banking. His business experience is a natural adjunct to his medical insight, believing that health asset management is his natural calling.

His commitment to patient care extends from the executive physicals he performs for the majority of the Fortune 1000 companies in the Richmond area to his work at Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services. He is a former volunteer, President and board member of the Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services. He currently sits on the board for the Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation.

He is married, has four children, and is an avid fitness and golf enthusiast. He believes you have to walk the walk to talk the talk when it comes to wellness.